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Clean Punch

In a bit of a departure, Modern Abrasives & Deburring is turning its focus on deburring tools for punch press machines. The punching process frequently causes burrs on sheet metal parts. Removing them requires secondary deburring operations ... Read More

Soft Selection

More than half of the metal fabricating industry works with carbon steel, aluminum and other softer-to-grind metals. Of those fabricators, the bulk of them perform some level of material removal – typically with a right-angle grinder – be it debu... Read More

Smooth Operations

With skilled labor shortages mounting and the likelihood of them only growing worse as more baby boomers retire and their jobs go unfilled, many in the metalworking industry are thinking beyond human beings as one solution to fill the skills gap. ... Read More

Comfortable Costs

Several persistent problems sap the productivity of metalworkers who use angle grinders and bonded abrasives in their daily work. Lack of grinding comfort, poor grinding wheel performance, excess fatigue from low-quality tools, and noise and vibratio... Read More

More for MRO

As fabricators and manufacturers seek ways to reduce costs, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) is one area to find gains. Considering that MRO and abrasive discs go hand in hand in many shops and plants, flap discs are a good place to start whe... Read More
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