May 2020 Issue

Industry News

Dust Collectors From Fuchs


Fuchs Umwelttechnik’s dust and fume collectors solve common health issues associated with laser emissions, dust and other substances that are released into the air. The German-engineered machines are based on 35 years of development and include mobile, compact models as well as complex large-scale systems. Several models and hundreds of filter combinations allow customers to achieve proper filtering of dust and other manufacturing fumes. Digitally networked for the requirements of IoT, the devices can now be integrated into customers’ digitalized working environments.

Arc Abrasives Celebrates 60 Years


Arc Abrasives Inc. celebrates 60 years of serving the metalworking industry with high-performance abrasives. To honor the milestone, Arc is recognizing customers, employees and the community for their many years of contributions to the growth and longevity of the company. Arc was the dream of Zerla and Si Stayman, establishing the company in a rented garage in Troy, Ohio, in 1960. Today, it’s under the second generation of ownership of Tony Stayman, who leads more than 100 employees in a state-of-the-art facility.

Ati Launches New Product Family


The engineers at ATI Industrial Automation added a new capability to their robotic solutions. With the launch of Force Control Devices, ATI offers users an open platform to integrate compliance into robotic and automated operations. Compliant force control enables more dynamic automation processes through integrated responsiveness. The devices provide applications with the ability to monitor deflection of the compliance mechanism and adjust contact forces, which increases process quality and makes programming easier.

Pferd and Bosch Offer Quick-change System


The X-Lock from Bosch, with Pferd Inc. as a development partner, is a quick-changing system for angle grinders. Instead of a round center hole, the system features an X-shaped contour that allows the tool to be fixed on the angle grinder in a form-fitting manner. This means different tools can be mounted securely and comfortably in the shortest possible time. The system meets high quality and safety standards and withstands tough operating conditions. Pferd offers a range of tools with the quick-change system.

Metabo Introduces Heavy-duty Grinders


Metabo Corp.’s Power-up metalworking grinders are for tough tasks. They feature the company’s S-automatic safety slip clutch, tool-free quick-change system and, depending on the model, a 2-sec. fast brake and secure tethering point, particularly for jobs involving heights. The eleven grinders range from 4 1/2 in. to 6 in. and are good for weld cleaning and removal, pipe fitting, metal fabrication, shipbuilding and beveling. The grinders are also suitable for many applications in the shop like cutting bars, rods and bolts.